To celebrate World Earth Day 2020 we bring you some of the top tips for remaining environmentally friendly while pursuing your passion and look at the eco credentials of some of the kit on the market.

How to be ‘green’; a checklist


Bring your own bottle and refill with water at check points. Just think of those thousands of plastic bottles lying half empty.

Be a Womble

Keep your empty wrappers in on you until you can dispose of them safely. If every runner thinks ‘one won’t matter’ the little pile soon builds up.

Focus on fibres

Try to avoid plastic or synthetic fibres in clothing like polyester, nylon and acrylic as they take a very long time to break down and add micro plastics to the environment.

You’re not a model!

Is it vital to have all the latest kit or can you make what you already have last. Will that new top / shoes / headband really make you faster?

Be vigilant and discerning

Check how your products are made – companies with ethical manufacturing tend to shout about it on their websites.

You’ve got a friend.

Car share to events – always good to have some to celebrate or commiserate with at the end.

Green kit

Ocean Bottle

In this product, it is not so much what goes into it as to what your money does. Each purchase funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic – equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles. Plastic waste is collected by locals who are then paid.

KEEN Wild Sky WP

Keen has made a concerted effort towards greener supply chains including removing PFCs – chemicals which take centuries to break down and can impact human health – from its products, using certified leather which has a lower impact of water supply and using pesticide-free insoles.

BAM Easy Zip Neck Bamboo Top

This offers lightweight insulation for cold days exercising or for warm up and cool down. It’s very soft to touch and the naturally sweat absorbing while also being UPG50. Available in five colours.

Giesswein Merino Runners

Austrian company Giesswein pledges no scraps in the creation of their running shoes. They also use 90% recycled water during production and as they are made from 100% Merino wool, they are lightweight.

Timberland 6 inch ReBOTL

The yellow leather of Timberland is a classic and the company has now updated to include ReBOTL fabric in the classic 6-inch waterproof boot. ReBOTL is made from recycled plastic bottles and the nubuck leather is from a silver-rated sustainable tannery.

Tribe Sports Endure Tee

The fabrics in Tribe’s range are made from ECONYL – a regenerated nylon product made from rescued waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and industrial plastics. It’s highly breathable and very lightweight and features reflective patches.