• Musclefood announces next day delivery

    Musclefood announces next day delivery

    23rd March 2020

    At a time when other delivery services are struggling to cope with unprecedented levels of demand, online healthy food retailer Musclefood is launching an extra 2,000 next day delivery slots for people to order a new essentials hamper. The hamper…

  • There is no diet to prevent coronavirus, says BDA

    There is no diet to prevent coronavirus, says BDA

    20th March 2020

    The British Dietetic Association (BDA), representing dietitians across the UK, call on the public and media to stop the spread of nutrition pseudoscience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. With many people sharing un-sourced ‘advice’ about miracle supplements and…

  • Improve your diet

    Improve your diet

    3rd March 2020

    Five easy ways to eat more healthily and have more energy and vitality for your exercise. Words: Rob Kemp New Year’s resolutions often revolve around a healthier diet but can be difficult to follow. Dr Michael Mosley, TV nutritionist and…

  • Should you train in a fasted state?

    Should you train in a fasted state?

    16th January 2020

    Nutritionist Christine Bailey explains how training in a fasted state may help you achieve your fitness goals quicker While taking some pre-workout fuel may help boost your performance, it does have a downside. Taking in fuel, particularly carbohydrates, before training…

  • Five vegan myths

    Five vegan myths

    5th December 2019

    The number of people adopting a vegan diet has skyrocketed in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s little wonder, then, that it’s been dubbed by many as a ‘movement’. But you can get what you need…

  • How CBD Can Enhance Your Fitness Regime

    How CBD Can Enhance Your Fitness Regime

    17th October 2019

    CBD is quickly becoming a favourite among professional athletes who want to recover from muscle strain and injury naturally. But this promising natural alternative is not just for the pros and may be able to support your fitness routine and…

  • Eat beetroot to boost endurance

    Eat beetroot to boost endurance

    3rd September 2019

    Want to increase your endurance? Add beetroot to your diet. Studies show that the purple powerhouse can improve stamina and performance. In one study by Lansley et al, cyclists increased their maximum cycling time by 16 per cent. And runners’…

  • Natural alternatives to HRT

    Natural alternatives to HRT

    27th August 2019

    Women’s health expert and nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville ( explains how natural remedies can help to help beat menopause symptoms Some women sail through the menopause, but others struggle with the transition, experiencing a whole host of unpleasant symptoms. From…

  • Eat for endurance

    Eat for endurance

    20th August 2019

    Getting your nutrition right could mean success or failure come race day, says performance nutritionist Oliver Whiteman. Getting your training right is only one part of your fitness journey. If you’re not also addressing your nutrition plan, then you could…